Happy New Year!  Happy New Year 2015

Let’s all begin 2015 with setting our intentions for the year and not by making New Year’s Resolutions.  What I have discovered is when I begin each day with a clear intention for my day (a positive one helps!), my day works!  With clear intentions for my day, I begin the process of setting my thoughts and my actions to making my intention possible.  When I follow a simple 3 step process of “being” each day … I begin to enlist the help of universal energy.

Here is the process:

  1. Start your day with a clear intention for that day.  A good example is “Be productive throughout my day” or “Make defined Choices” or “Be happy!”
  2. Once you have your intention set (have this clear positive thought first thing upon waking), then feel and visualize the intention happening.  See and feel what it would be like to “be productive”, “make choices” or “be happy”.  What would any of those things look like and feel like for you?
  3. Lastly, listen to your gut or the inner voice that you have guiding you on doing just what you set your intention for that day.

Put this into practice and it becomes second nature to you.  How you choose to live life is just that … a choice and a choice on who you are in this life!

To get you started, please accept my gift to you for the new year!  Jumpstart your life program.

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