5 Signs – #4 Self-Doubt

Has the voice inside your head been questioning everything that you do? What if someone doesn’t like what you did? What if you can no longer trust the decisions you make? What if, what if, what if becomes the mantra having you question every thought you have and action that you take. Your friends or co-workers tell you “you are too sensitive”. You take that dark road down into unworthiness – just not good enough.

This is the journey into SELF DOUBT, and it is keeping you Stuck. The good news is that you don’t have to stay on this journey. You can change directions. First let’s look at how it might show up in your life.

Self-DoubtSelf doubt

If you are stuck in Self-Doubt, it can look like this:

  • Shame about lack of progress – you should be further along in your life!
  • Impostor syndrome – Someone might find out you’re a FAKE!
  • Fear of failure or success
  • Fear that success will alienate friends or family – you may lose everyone
  • Fear of not being worthy

When you find yourself doubting everything in your life, you lose perspective. You feel as if you are on a roller coaster of emotions … confident that you are making decisions and are moving forward; and then worried that you have made the wrong decision and life will never be on track! It has to STOP!

The perpetual roller coaster ride of Self-Doubt

Here is one tool that you can use to get off the roller coaster and get out of Self-Doubt thinking that is keeping you stuck.

Choose your Thoughts – make them successful ones!

You have your success stories in life. Begin by writing out every moment that you were successful. Those times that you knew you did something wonderful. Along with those time others congratulated you on the project you completed, complimented you on the work you did, and gave you Kudos on what you did for them … bringing joy and happiness into their life with your words or actions.

When you begin to have thoughts of self-doubt – those “what if “thoughts of negativity – recognize that these thoughts don’t define you. Replace these thoughts with your success stories. Continue to remind yourself that you are successful and worthy of all that life has to offer.

Do this process for 30 days straight. This is a journey of changing your thoughts and changing your behavior. It will not happen over night. It will happen if you do it consistently and make it second nature.

It is your choice! Choose to change!