Empowered Life Mastery Program


Hi [wlm_firstname],

Thank you for joining The Empowered Life Mastery 6-month coaching program.  As you journey through this transformational process, you will begin to make shifts in your behavior including your thought process – giving you the needed tools to help keep those changes in place.

Here is how the program works:

  • Each week, you will receive a new Empowered Life Mastery coaching program.  It will either be specific coaching recording with homework to do, an Ebook to keep you in the proper vibration, or a tool or technique that will keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Then the first Monday of each month, there will be an open coaching call.  This is where you can ask your questions about anything happening in your life – challenges, inquiries, clarification – anything that you wish help on from a coaching perspective.  This call will be recorded so you can listen to it again or for the first time if you are not able to be on the call.
  • Private access to the Empowered Life Mastery Facebook page – a personal invitation sent directly to you to join.  This is where we can share ideas, thoughts, questions and receive overall support from the group.  This will also be where you can find the calendar file for the live coaching calls.
  • Every month, a member will be chosen to have a private 1:1 with me.  We can work together to really dig deep into the work you are doing.
  • Unlimited email access to me when you need it.

For now, load up your calendar for the live calls for the first Monday of each month – that will be Monday of the first full week of each month.  Put my email address in your contacts (denise@denisehansard.com).  Look for the first coaching program to begin one week from signing up.

If you did not download your free ebook from attending the webinar, get it here.

download-pdf-btnCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR EBOOK – Open Up to Opportunities


  • Come back next week to start WEEK 1 of the program!
  • In the meantime, here is some homework…

First steps:

  • Get a journal or notebook specific for this work.  Keep all your notes and homework in this one place together so that you can access it easily.
  • Begin by writing down exactly what your expectations are for this work.  Write out what you would love to have change in your life while doing this work.  Be creative, specific and do not limit your thinking.

We are on this journey together!  I am here for you and love that you have made this choice to invest in you and your BEST YOU!