Like most everyone else this past week, my heart was touched again from watching Tuesday night’s episode of This is US … Memphis.  This is US is a TV show allowing you and me glimpses into the stories of a family’s life of love & loss, success & disappointment, laughter & tears, happiness & anger … the basics of everyday life.

I was struck with the words of William in his last breathing moments saying … “I’ve had breaks, made bad choices, a life of ‘almost’ and ‘could haves’.”

Almost taking that overseas position and traveling the world … could have moved to New York to be on stage and get your big break … almost saying ‘yes’ to starting your own dream business as the opportunity was there … could have left early to see your child’s last baseball game of the season.

A life of almost and could haves …

What have been your ‘almost’ and ‘could haves’ in life? Are you still living this way? Living in this state can be a sign of fear and may show up as being in control of your future. Fear or control are not bad things. It all depends on what fear and control are doing for you in life. If fear and control are keeping you stuck in the ‘almost’ and ‘could haves’ of life, wouldn’t you love to be able to step out of the confines of being stuck in fear and control to live each moment fully free? To be afraid and do it anyway? To lose control and be happy about the outcome? In This is US, Randall is that person living in fear and control … trying desperately not to let anyone down, to always be the one that will take care of it all. That behavior of living in fear and control is not working for him. Neither will it work for you.

William’s last advice given to his son … “Roll all your windows down, crank up the music. Because you deserve it, the beautiful life you have made. You deserve it all”

Don’t you deserve the beautiful life you have made? To not allow fear and control to be the determining factors behind your life? For the dreams and goals you have made in life? I believe you do. I can help you achieve that life … to move beyond those limiting thoughts that are keeping you in the ‘almost’ and ‘could haves’.

If you would like more info on living beyond your almost & could haves, let’s talk. I offer a 30-minute conversation to identify what a possible next step can be for you. Contact me and we can make that happen!