Agata one leg stretchBack in May, I decided to take a break from my bar body exercises and the 12 week boot camp program I had been involved in and any other forms of exercise that pounded my body causing me to question what I was doing. I have always been active and a bit competitive (Type A much!) and I was always trying new things, as I can get bored rather easily. It was then that a yoga studio opened up in my area. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and in to something new … so I started doing Bikram Yoga. Some of you may know already what Bikram Yoga is and some may not. Bikram Yoga is a serious of 26 poses that you complete in 90 minutes in a hot (over 100 degree) room. Yes, call me crazy but I thought this might be a good idea – heat, yoga – it would have to be relaxing, right? When the instructor said to the newbies during my first class – “just try to stay in the room. If you can accomplish that and nothing else, then you will be doing great.” That should have been my first clue.

Now that several months have passed and I go 3 times per week, I am beginning to see, feel and understand the beauty within Bikram Yoga. My body, my mind is changing. I get a good workout – aerobic, strength training, flexibility and meditation. Why is this important and what does it have to do with my business and me? For all the entrepreneurs out there, we know that we are laser focused, head strong, and have a do it now attitude – almost to the point of distraction (again Type A much!). This personality type has been me in the past. With yoga, I am beginning to learn to quiet my mind in the still moments of relaxation – 20 seconds of Savasana, the Dead Body Pose – understanding that in order to succeed in yoga (or my business), I have to take time to become still, to take a breath. It is in this stillness that great ideas spring forth; clarity is achieved, along with having the energy needed to set my intention for my business/project/day, which becomes a priority.

So, when I am in frustration mode or anxiety or in a confused state due to not having made that call or completed that project or whatever it is, I hear my instructor’s voice in my head — “get into Sevasana relaxation as quickly as possible and breath in & out through your nose, just let your mind go blank and focus on your breathing.”

This one practice of breathing has helped me to achieve more in my business and in my personal life than anything I have ever tried. To be able to take a moment – quiet the mind through conscious meditation and receive the focus I need to move forward, it is (… shall I say it) Priceless!

Just Breathe ….

Photo donated by Bikram Yoga St. Charles-Palatine

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Denise Hansard is a Transformational Life Coach and professional speaker. She offers inspiring workshops as well as in-depth coaching programs that help individuals & businesses achieve new heights of success toward accelerated results. This is her commitment and passion. … to help you live like you were meant to!