Little Girl dressed as ghost on HalloweenAnything spooky and scary is good fun to me!  I love reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz, etc.  I can remember reading Stephen King in-between classes in college and getting the fright of my life when my roommate would walk in from her classes!  Jumped right off the bed!

For most of us, doing anything frightful, like taking risks personally or professionally, just is not in our nature.  We run the other way if we even think about the risks involved in certain activities.  This is especially true when it comes to doing what we are meant to be doing or living the life we would love.  We allow outside conditions to control what we do.  We look to the economy to determine if we can afford to invest in the new Sales training for our teams.  We listen to other business owners who lament over the “cost” of marketing … hearing them complain that business is down.  A “woe is me” thinking pattern to running a business will only get you one thing … a business that barely limps along or is on its last gasp of breath.

For me, instead of running from the “scary” things in life, I have always embraced them, getting a good anxious chill running up and down my spine.  Then I take a deep breath and dive head first into the deep end.  I realized at an early age that tackling my fears head on was the greatest endeavor I could take in being able to live fully.  Doing it afraid, whether in business or in my personal life, I have loved and lost, succeeded and failed (failed according to some people – learning steps for me), had my ups and downs in life.  My family has always considered me a risk taker and sometimes didn’t understand why I did what I did.  Yet, they were always there supporting me through it all.

So, go ahead … step into your fear.  Halloween is here.  Go through a haunted house, rent Psycho, get scared and just have some good ole fashioned fun!  The universe loves fun and we all deserve to have the pants scared off of us at times!


About Denise Hansard
Denise Hansard is a Transformational Life Coach and professional speaker. She offers inspiring workshops as well as in-depth coaching programs that help individuals & businesses achieve new heights of success toward accelerated results. This is her commitment and passion. … to help you live like you were meant to!