Create Your Best Life … Go beyond a Vision Board

Are you ready for something really important in 2019 … You & Your Life?!

Have you found yourself creating a vision board – year after year – only to find that you’re still wanting the same thing year after year?  Be honest with yourself … is that vision board really working for you? It can and there is more that needs to happen!

You start with a vision … then create a vision board.


Because there is power in a vision board

Napoleon Hill, author of one of the most popular personal development books of all time, “Think and Grow Rich”, said, “Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.” He has gone on to say, “thoughts are things.” A vision board is a concrete representation of your thoughts, desires and aspirations for a fabulous life. Vision boards are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you towards concrete daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important life goals. To create your best life, you begin with a vision board and then go further. With a vision board in hand, you will be ready to take on something really important in 2019 … Your Created Life!
Tell me more …

Something For Everyone!

“This year is it. I am ready to realize all my dreams! This year is going to be different!” Is this your voice? You start the year with great intentions for a prosperous career, a loving relationship, and that beautifully toned body you’ve always wanted; only to find it all pushed to the wayside by February. How do you create that life you really desire? You’ve created vision boards in the past and nothing ever happens! Create Your Best Life workshop is what is needed as this takes you beyond the vision board. The difference is …

Activating your Vision!

Here is how it works … 

Create Your Best Life is a digital program … this means you can go at your own pace and go back to it over & over again. How great is that?! If, at any time, you need help, join the Facebook group to talk with me and/or get support from all the other members. It’s as easy as that.  🙂 

First, before everything  … My support in becoming clear

Gain clarity of your dreams … you will receive a dream sheet so you can begin the dive deep into what it is exactly that you would love to create in your life.

Send to me so I can help you with that clarity as being clear on what you want is the #1 key to making it happen

Then, go behind the scenes of visioning  … 

Learn the #1 key needed to manifest every thing you want … every time you want it

Understand the power of universal law

Dive deep into the philosophers of the 1900s … the energy of creating your life

Discover the 8-step process of creating a Vision Board with intent

Lastly, activation is the key!

Create the magic of your vision with powerful manifesting activities

Live your designed life of ‘be-ing’ versus ‘do-ing’

Receive year-long support by joining the FB group

What you’ll receive in this digital program … 

  • Dream Sheet with my eyes on it!
  • Over 4 hours of recorded coaching info
  • An 8-step process for creating an awesome Vision Board
  • Plus other bonus coaching calls

“What you focus on grows,

what you think about expands,

and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.”

~Robin Sharma

Thank you so very much!!!
“Create Your Best Life…Go Beyond A Vision Board” was perfect timing for me!
The flow of the program encouraged me to go deep within myself to learn about, decide, and design where I am headed.  The first exercise was surprisingly difficult for me, but in a good way.  After I completed it, I was on a roll, yahoo!  Energized and excited to continue!  This entire process as well as the accomplished vision board and Denise’s continuous support, awesome way of explaining, and dedicated heart to each of us who participated helped me move forward at a pivotal point in my life.  I feel Denise planned just the right amount of time for each section, and she checked in on us along the way.   Thank you, and I’m jazzed that I am living ‘my’ vision!!  I look forward to working with her as a coach/mentor while I continue the developments of my career and life!


What is your New Life worth?

To create your best life ever …

To receive continuous support …

This is your time. Don’t wait.

Let Denise help you to make 2019 your best year ever!

This is a digital program that you can do over and over again at your own pace.. 

“I really loved Denise’s presentation and ideas. It has inspired me to really think about my future.”

“Insights about positive energy and visioning the things that are truly motivating to me”

” I feel like some of the comments she made really spoke to me with things that I have going on.”

Is this your new life? It can be … sign up now!

“Your choices are all you have. When you decide for you, life begins to flow.”

Denise Hansard, Life Architect