Change is inevitable. It is that process of becoming different.

It is always a choice.  Sometimes it happens because you choose it. Other times it happens because it chooses you.
How to Change with grace …

Be open

To listening to what others have to say not matter how difficult it may be to hear it. This includes listening to the inner voice you have urging you to take that leap of faith into something you have notoriously shied away from for so long. It could be becoming vulnerable to dating again in the new way of dating in this world. It could be deciding that owning your own business is what your heart desires and you have no other choice.

Be curious

To learning more about you and others … what are your triggers, what inspires you. It is the choice of becoming a 2-year old again constantly asking “What’s this?” Curiosity allows you to stretch beyond your comfort zone of safety opening you up to a path of education and growth

Be compassionate

To yourself first and foremost … when you are able to love yourself more than anyone else in your life, then and only then are you able to fully love others without judgment and with an openness of acceptance. It is only with compassion to ourselves that we can give to the world and change the world.

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