Have you ever had ‘One Hit Wonder’ moments?
You know those times when everything you do seems to work out in the very best way possible?

You’re driving to a meeting thinking that you might be a bit late only to have all the traffic lights turn green just at the right moment. You arrive a few minutes early!  YES!

The parking lot is packed and it has started raining. Just as you turn the corner to go to the next level to park (which has no covered parking on it), someone pulls out of the first space right next to the entrance door. YES!

You’ve had a long day of work. It’s time to shut down for the day then the phone rings. You consider for a moment just letting it go to voice mail … who could be calling and is it really that important. Upon picking up the phone, a potential client calls to say they are ready to sign up to work with you and want to get started right away. It was between you and someone else … YES!

Isn’t it wonderful when you have those moments when life just seems to work each and every time with no hiccups at all? This is really how life is supposed to be. Yet, for most of us, this isn’t our experience. What you find is that if feels too easy, it can’t last as you believe that working hard is the only way good things can happen. Then when these ‘One Hit Wonder’ moments of life flowing without working at all, you love it at first only to find yourself doubting that this can’t continue. I mean, it shouldn’t be this easy … should it? All your life, you’ve been told that to have good things happen in life, you had to work really hard to make that happen.
What’s wrong with this picture?
Your mindset. Your experiences have said that only hard work will bring the money, the relationship, the career, the freedom into your life. This is all based upon how you think about life. This is what you were taught. What if you could change that? Change your thinking so that you can have more ease and flow when it comes to allowing money into your life; the greatest relationships; the passionate career, and all the freedom you could imagine?
You can have this by shifting your mindset. Here’s a couple of ways to do this …

  1. Become aware of your thinking. Is it mainly positive or negative?
  2. Become aware of your words. Are they mainly positive or negative?

As you become aware, you can choose differently … on your thinking and your words.
This is a simple exercise that help you to change. What if this is not enough? What more can you do?

Join me in the Get off the Fence coaching program. In this program, you will be coached on how your stories impact your mindset today, how much your fear plays into the way you think and act, how to allow forgiveness to yourself and others so you are not kept a prisoner, and so much more.
Isn’t it time to choose the awareness of your mindset to begin living more fully so you can have ‘One Hit Wonder’ moments all the time?
Our first call will begin on October 9th. Choose to change now. If not now, when?
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