“The price of your new life is your old life.” 

It sums it up perfectly. All the power and the magic to be experienced in your life is in YOU! In that one pivotal moment of deciding for you.

Yes, you can change the behaviors that don’t get you where you want to go once you have identified what those behaviors are. You can get into the most incredible shape of your life with just one decision. You can raise happy and healthy kids in a great environment with your partner. It’s all up to YOU.

In knowing that it is up to you, feel the power of that knowledge as you have choices. In knowing that it is up to you, don’t allow the critical judgmental voice inside to diminish the power of choosing.

As I was talking with a potential new client, I could hear the lack of enthusiasm in the desire she stated she wanted; that one thing that was needed to move her forward in her career … her new life. As we talked, I took her through a simple process allowing her to dive deep into her real ‘why’ of wanting that new life.

Once she got the clarity of her ‘why’, she exclaimed … “you’re crazy good!” and then she started crying happy tears.

Those happy tears were for the clarity of her desire … her new life. The shift of deciding for her (her real ‘why’) became her first step toward that new life. Now it is up to her to continue working towards her new life seeking out the support and accountability to help her achieve it. Because not getting that new life means she goes back to her old life … stuck, unclear, lackluster and always wondering ‘what if’.

The price of your new life is your old life …


Pick just one thing you want to be doing more of in your “new” life and let go of the excuses & stories from your old life that’s been stopping you. It’s that simple and it is a choice. YOU have it within you to choose that new life. Find your next step to get you there.

Now is your time to create that new life. What will it look like? 

Only you can decide.