Good Ole Days!

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Being Nostalgic

When life seems really chaotic and confusing, I find myself looking back to what used to be easy … the good ole days as they are sometimes called. You know the ones I’m talking about … talking face to face without the need to inquire if someone is available to talk as people would make time to have conversations, loving the company you were working for because they really seemed to care about you – as a person, watching the news as you knew you would hear at least one or two ‘feel good’ stories about acts of kindness.

Yes, those were the good ole days … or so they seemed. When I asked my Mom & Dad how they felt about those days, they told me all about the hardships they were enduring; how they felt as if the world was going to heck in a hand basket and wanting everything to be a better place for me. I mean, they endured the end of Depression, the assassination of President Kennedy, racial tensions, and raising 4 kids on a meager salary that was not supposed to support a family of 6 … and it did. 

Remembering the easier times can dilute the hardships you’ve conquered and endured. Funny how your mind tends to want you to see your life in rose colored glasses (Good Ole Days). These rose colored glasses are the only way the ego knows to keep you safe and to keep you stuck never wanting to leave what you feel are ‘good times’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking back. As long as you don’t stay there. Looking back to reflect on your accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities taken are good things to do. Looking back feeling regret or failure is not a good thing.

This is easier said than done.

So how do you allow yourself to be in the energy of feeling good when life seems so crazy?

Key word here is … Allow! 

A – Accept that you are where you are supposed to be
L – Linger in self-care activities … so good for you now
L – Love everything and everybody … most especially you
O – Own your role in this process … remember what you think is what you create
W – Worthiness … claim your worthiness in all areas of your life 

Allow … allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling and to be curious about what’s next.

Allow … allow yourself to go deeper into your desires to find purpose and balance in life

Allow … allow yourself to give and receive love with you being in the center of this love.

If this process feels foreign to you and you’d like to learn more, reach out. Reach out to me or someone else that you resonate with to talk with about what you can do to allow more of what you desire in life.

Now is your time to ‘allow’ yourself to grow … to be more than you’ve ever been before … to be you.

I’ve  opened my calendar to Allow those times for a conversation.  Click here to schedule yours!

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