Dare to Believe in You

Defining and designing your life’s purpose is the first step to living the life you are meant to live.

Beginning  to create this life  — activating the ability to decide how to live the life you love — becomes empowering.

Denise Hansard is a Transformational Life Coach who will coach you to identify and move toward your purpose. Denise will encourage and guide you toward creating the life you know you want — the life you would love to live.

Don’t know what your purpose is? Feel that there is something more, but fear of the unknown or of failure is causing you to stay where you are?

You can’t get there if you don’t know where” there” is.

Denise can lead you through the oughts, cants,  shoulds, and the what ifs to help you define, design, and create your true life – in health, relationships, career, and time/money/freedom.

Are your fears paralyzing you? Do you know how to befriend your fear so it can help push you forward?  Do you look at outside conditions – the economy, your checkbook – to define what you can do and what you will do?

Denise will show you how to slay the monsters on the streets of your mind and reveal the possibilities within so you will have the courage to move ahead when your former self would rather throw in the towel!

Make a Choice to Believe in Yourself!