Denise Hansard

Life Architect, Pricing Expert, & Motivational Speaker

Who am I?


Denise Hansard - Life Architect & Motivational Speaker

This is one of the questions that I believe most of us struggle with when asked. I mean how am I to express to you all that I am in this one short area?  Here goes …

I’m a certified life coach, a pricing expert, an author, a motivational speaker, an intuitive, a geek, a daughter/sister/aunt/friend, a jokester, lover of nature and on & on & on.

What does all this mean for you?

If you feel you are not where you want to be in life, stuck in your career, corporate or entrepreneurship, I can help you to break down the barriers, shift your mindset & move beyond your fears (procrastination, worry, exhaustion, overwhelm) … so you can design your life … personally & professionally.


I am an Architect for your Life. I have the tools and the experience to help you blueprint and design your ideal life – the life you thought you could never achieve – the life you were afraid to reach for as an entrepreneur or a corporate careerist.  

I know this, because I was once where you are … feeling lost and uncertain about where to go.

I was comfortably miserable in my cushy, corporate job. I busted through glass ceilings only to find another one hastily built above me. I travelled all over the world, I was the epitome of upwardly mobile, and my life was not my own. I chose to align with my unlimited potential, instead of aligning with a broken system that did not serve me. It was only when I choose to break through my own barriers that has me doing what I do today. Helping others to claim their worth and own it all coming from their heart and their head to fully realize the True You inside. 

Allow me to help you discover the True You and the life you’ve only imagined.