5 Signs – #1 Struggle

Scared businessman stuck in the soil over dark background

Do you ever feel as if your life is “stuck”? Stuck in the dullness of just living, going through the motions of living, feeling as if you are “faking” everything about your life?

I was that person, at one time. I was just “faking” the smiles, the happiness, the day in day out motions of living. It was as if I were on autopilot. Not a great place to be and I choose to be there for quite some time. (My book, Suffering in Comfort, tells you the story of this choice I made in life).

If this is you, can you imagine for a moment that you could be that famous phoenix rising out of the ashes to live again? To choose thoughts that empower you instead of the negative ones you have had in the past. To see the impact that your thoughts have on how you behave—and change this to better support you. To know the process of what to do next.

You can choose to stay stuck in your suffering, in your past stories of regret, loss, lack or unworthiness—whatever that may be for you. Or you can choose to get “unstuck”.

How do you know if you are STUCK?

There are 5 signs that say you are stuck …

  1. Struggle
  2. Scarcity
  3. Skepticism
  4. Self-doubt
  5. Stamp of Approval

Over the next several weeks, I am going to dive into each of these areas explaining how you might be stuck and what a step can be to get you unstuck. Let’s begin!


If you are stuck in Struggle, it looks like this:

  • Too many moments of overwhelm – anxiety
  • Long hours with no fun or joy in the things you are doing
  • Everything feels like a grind
  • You have endless unfinished projects – at work and at home
  • You continue to do what doesn’t work – or so it seems

When in struggle, you find yourself extremely tired. You barely have the energy to go out with your friends or spend time with your family … you just don’t feel as is you have the time to make it a priority or can make it a priority.

You are not alone!

Here is one tool that you can use to gain back your life and get out of the Struggle mode that is keeping you stuck.

Take time for you – make yourself a priority.

Each day, begin the day by completing this statement “I love myself enough to _________.” Then make a commitment to follow through on this statement.

Most of you will probably roll your eyes and go “As IF!” I get it and it can be done. When you are putting yourself first and taking care of you, then you are able to take better care of everyone and everything else around you.

This is one of the signs of being stuck along with a tool that will help you begin the process of getting unstuck. Take this one step!