5 Signs – #3 Skepticism

Have you tried many things before only to feel cheated … duped … taken advantage of? I mean you trusted what the person told you would happen and then it didn’t! What more could you have done?! Have you lost your ability to determine what is in your best interests when making decisions – lost trust in yourself for making these decisions?

No, you have not!

Life happens. You make a decision based upon the knowledge (external knowledge) that you have. You make the best decision that you can at that time. Yet, you get taken for a ride or so you think. Allowing the thought of always “being taken advantage of” is considered SKEPTICISM and keeps you stuck in your life. It keeps you from taking advantage of the great opportunities that are out there that would help you to move forward in your personal life and in your professional life.

As we continue in our conversation on being “stuck”, this week we will discuss the #3 sign that shows you are stuck!


If you are stuck in Skepticism, it looks like this:

  • Constant fears of getting “ripped off” – been there, done that!
  • Convinced that nothing will really work
  • Unwilling to believe the legitimate success stories of others … it only works for other people
  • Makes excuses or blames others
  • Fears accepting help—even when needed (don’t want to be a burden)

So, I stated that you have not lost that ability to trust the decisions that you make. The reality is that you have forgotten how to listen to your “gut” … your “intuition”. How do you begin to recapture this ability? Let’s jump right in …

Here is one tool that you can use to reignite your intuition and get out of the Skepticism mode that is keeping you stuck.


Taking the time to begin to hear the inner voice that you innately have.

Start small – schedule 5 minutes (minimum) in meditation each and every day. This mediation can be a conscious walk, time journaling with your thoughts, or the typical way of sitting – breathing – noticing your thoughts.

The purpose of meditation is to notice the thoughts you are having in every moment. Are you worrying about the day and how you are going to get everything done that needs to be done? Are you wondering where you are going to get the money to pay for college tuition, payroll, the bills, or whatever it may be? Or are you in the moment, noticing what is going on at that moment – the quiet, the birds signing, the train going by? If you can be in that present moment, then you can access your intuition – your gut – and reignite that feeling — telling you what to do, what decision is right for you.

At the time of being in the present, ask a question of something that is on your mind. Allow yourself to hear the answer. You have the answer inside you.

This is the process and it does work. You just have to believe that it will work for you. Most of you will attempt this and then say, “If it doesn’t work right away, it is never working”. If you are that person, then you are right … it won’t work for you. That is your choice. As I always say, one choice can change you.

Choose to change!