Look at these beautiful ladies!

They signed up and showed up to the Live Like You Were Meant To … Beyond Your Comfort Zone Retreat this past weekend.  

They took action for their lives by stepping out of their comfort zone and into a new life for themselves just by being there and playing full out!

All I have to say is what an experience!  Not just for them but also for me!  I loved being able to take them through a concept, working through it with an exercise and then creating space for some of them to actively coach with me at that very moment … to make it all real!  

Lots of insights took place.  Many new connections were made.  Tons of AHas were had.


Here is some of what was said:

“What a great energizing weekend!  I can’t believe how wonderful this weekend has been.  Thank you, Denise for helping me to see what I can do in my life!”

“I am ready to take that next step into a new me!  I am tired of staying put where I am which is not where I want to be.  I am ready to become a new ME!”

“Thank you, Denise, for making this weekend a safe place to do the transformational work that we did.”

Thank you to everyone that attended.  Thank you to Laura Gisborne, my coach, for helping me to step out of my comfort zone.  Thanks to the wonderful staff of Eaglewood Resort & Spa.

If you are looking to go Beyond Your Comfort Zone, plan to attend my next retreat in January 2015.  IF you want to change now and take that next step, contact me at denise@denisehansard.com.  We will make it happen!


Stop Playing Small!