When I made a choice to grow in my business through a “different” type of coaching program back at the end of 2013, I had no idea what that would mean … for me and for my business. That coaching program was a hard core, in your face, do what I say or FAIL type of program that did cause me to grow and to make changes. And change, I did. If you have been following me, you have seen some of the changes – my change in my look (pictures of me just being me), my change in being vulnerable with my clients (working with them and allowing them to see my life through my coaching), and my change in allowing others to garner a look in to my past through the telling of my story in my book Suffering In Comfort. All of these changes have only helped me to be better in my work and my service to my clients.

When you have a change that comes into your life, there is a moment in which you can decide to accept that change or not because change really does mean “letting go or cutting away”. It means that you will have to let go of a thought or pattern of thinking (stepping outside of your comfort zone through your choices) or you will have to let go of a relationship – with a person or a company. I know change is not easy. It is scary and exciting. It is an opportunity and a challenge. What thought or feeling you decide to associate with change is what it will become.

For me, the last step in that coaching program was to speak, on stage, to 100 people for 5 minutes – to an audience that I had no clue who they were. I wasn’t sure if my story could be their story … if I could speak to them in a way that was engaging and provocative. Hell Yeah XAnd, yet, I saw this as an opportunity. An opportunity to step into the change through growth, applying all that I had learned in the past 6 months and make it real … doing it afraid!

This is what I do in my work. I help people to become very clear on what they would truly love in their life, helping them to work through the changes it takes to get there – through their “stuckness” no matter if the stuckness is personal or professional. If you would like to learn more, email me at denise@denisehansard.com – choose not to allow change to be scary.

What change can you embrace today?