I love FALL!  I love the cooler nights where I can leave the windows open and throw a quilt upon my bed having the heaviness of Sugar MapleTree Leaves Framing Autumn Nature Backgroundcomfort it brings. I love the changing colors of the leaves … all the beautiful colors of burnt orange, fiery red, buttery yellow and the beautiful purples that sometimes pop in the leaves. And, let’s not forget the wonderful root vegetables that become available … golden beets, butter squash, eggplant, plums, pumpkin (almost in everything).  Yummmmm …

Change in the weather is inevitable. Change in you is a choice. The changing of the season is a great time for you to begin your own change, professionally and personally.

Why Change?

I say, Why Not! Someone told me the other day, “Denise, you really love change, don’t you?” I didn’t hesitate when I said ‘Yes’. And, then it got me to thinking … why do I love change? Could it be because I find it exhilarating? Or maybe, I have become bored … bored because what I am doing is not working for me or maybe it feels too hard. Perhaps it is because I have a passion for learning and growing wanting to constantly see myself and the world I am in as different.

Most people find change daunting and quite scary. I know many of the people I work with have this fear of making change. They fear not knowing what the change will bring.

The Process of C.H.A.N.G.E

C – Choice
H – the How
A – Acceptance
N – Next steps
G – Gain momentum
E – Evolution

One night at 3 am (gotta love those 3 am inspired thoughts that wake you from a deep sleep), I awoke with this process of change outlined and defined in my head. I have learned that when something like this happens for me, I write things down. In this case, I recorded the thoughts onto my phone. Then I promptly went back to sleep. I would like to share this inspiration with you over the next weeks so maybe you can begin to not be afraid of ‘change’ as change will always happen.

As John F. Kennedy put it … “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Not sure about you, I don’t want to miss a thang!