Honor your Mother!

Mothers are the backbone to the life that you live. This weekend brings a special celebration into My Momyour life – that of honoring the woman or women figures whom have portrayed mother qualities in your life.
Your mother was the one person whom you could love the most, turn to in times of need, hate one moment and cry to the next as your heart was breaking. She knew things before you even had time to really digest them. She allowed you to make choices in your life even when she understood the potential for you to get emotionally hurt. She was the one to help you pick up the pieces of your life when life was tough.
She was the first voice you heard while in the womb, the first smile you saw upon your birth, the first real love connection in your life. Honor that and her energy of still being a part of you whether your mother is still with you or is only in your heart.
What stories do you hold on to when it comes to your Mom? Do you hold memories of her and her life … the joys she had, the struggles she endured, the challenges of her childhood, the successes of all that she lived through in her life. Are any of these memories – these stories – have they become your life, your story? Are you living your mother’s life? Are you ok with that?
I believe that each of us in some way is living our mother’s life and that is OK. What is not OK is to continue the challenges that your mother would not want you to carry on from her. To live her life coming from a place of lack, of not feeling worthy or good enough, of not having the confidence to be authentic. This is what I would love to convey here as a choice that you have in your life.
Honor that part of your mother that brings joy, abundance, security, confidence, sincerity, and goodness in to your life. This is what you want to do for your children if you are a mother or a mother figure in someone’s life. You want to instill in each child a sense of purpose to do all that he/she can do … to love who they are, living their life from the inside out – not allowing circumstances & situations to keep them “stuck” in pain.
So, here’s to being your true self … living your life and loving whom you are … mother qualities and all!