Thanksgiving Harvest

One morning not too long ago, my older sister decided to respond to some texts I had sent her the night before – glad to know that she had received them. Her response time (5 am EST or 4 am CST – which is the time zone I am in) was classic. This one morning I had decided to allow my body to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I had not been sleeping well the past couple of days and this was a day that I had no pressing activities. As you can see, her response came at the time she woke up that morning – 5 am – which, in essence was 4 am for me. I am a light sleeper so when the “Whoosh” sound went off, I immediately woke up, looked at my text and diligently tried to go back to sleep. I remembered too late that I had sent her two text messages the night before so the second “Whoosh” came not too long after the first.

Now I am slowly beginning to wake up – 4:15 am – ugh! Just about the time I was falling back to sleep one hour later, my dear friend in Texas decided that 5:30 am was a good time to talk. Sleep was not to be mine on this day!

I look back on that day and realized something. Life hands you what is needed at the right time and not necessarily when you think you need it. I was missing my family and therefore I text them often. When they don’t respond, I begin to feel the distance between us – me living in the Chicago area and they in the Atlanta area. So her text message, regardless of the time delivered, was welcomed. The was the same with my friend calling me. We had not talked in days. I was missing her as well – therefore talking that early in the morning (when I am usually up and going) was not a big deal. We talked for an hour, laughed and were able to catch up. What a great way to start the day – family and friends showing how much they do care.

So when life hands me something at a most unwanted time, I stop and become grateful harvesting the moments that are precious. These are the times that will help support me when I do need it most. In this gratitude, I realize how different life would be without these moments … moments that could be viewed as an irritation instead of choosing to see them as the blessing they are in my life.

Harvest the Good!

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