How are you Growing?

care_of_plant_hd_picture_4_169113Back in November 2013, I made a choice for how I wanted my business to grow.  I made the choice to step into a program that scared the crap out of me and pushed me to move outside my comfort zone.  That program was Hell Yeah Star!

My growth with this program was to transform me into a new me – on the outside.  Choosing to work with experts in their field, I went to Los Angeles to have my professional look completed by two of the greatest people in their field – Lesley Bohm, of Lesley Bohm Photography, and Brenda Cooper, Emmy award winning Color expert and Stylist to the stars.  These experts brought out the real me in my style and my look.  Now my photo matches my brand!

Here is an interview with Lesley of Lesley Bohm Photography.

Lesley Bohm

When you are ready to step into new growth and invest in you – do this with Lesley!

You will not regret it.