I made a decision that part of who I am is important enough to invest in me … for my business and for my personal life. I decided that I would set clear intentions of what I would really love in my life and from there really be open to the opportunities coming my way from these intentions. This has been my growth and part of that growth is surrounding myself with mentors who can help me to grow.

One of those wonderful people that has come into my life is Ann Convery, Speak Your Business.

 Ann Convery


Ann Convery is an international speaker, seminar leader, trainer and author. Her list of clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of top professionals in the fields of politics, medicine, law, business, health and beauty. For 17 years she has prepared clients for CNN, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Oprah, People, Vogue, and other outlets.

Ann’s extensive background in media training led her to create her popular program, “Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less”, a radically different approach to marketing that has enabled clients to increase their business within weeks.

To contact Ann, go to www.annconvery.com