Last week, I told you how brain dead I was and had nothing to talk about in my newsletter.  I asked for your help on what to write about next.  Someone suggested …

Clarity & Being Concise

My thoughts on this and what has worked for me is this … to be concise you need to have clarity.  It is through the process of knowing who you are (why you do what you do in life, what choice you make) that will allow you to be concise when you talk.

First step is a signature process I created on CLEAR – 5 steps to transforming your life

C Choice:  Recognize that everything in life is a choice. Every thought you have, every action you take, every involuntary reaction you make is a choice. You have become conditioned to think that sometimes You don’t have choices. That, in and of itself, is a choice—to be in a victim state of being. Everything in life is a choice, and you make it.

LLanguage:  How we express our thoughts in spoken words comes from your choices.  You learn patterns of language that keep you victimized or help you to grow into victors! A good example of this is the use of the word “but.” This is overused and has become a filler word in our language. Yet, its meaning is extremely powerful. Everything you state after this word negates everything you said before it! Example: “I love you but I don’t like what you did.” The first part—stating you love someone—is totally wiped away with that three-letter word: “but”. This one word stops most of us from living our life to the fullest, as we allow it to put the brakes on what we really want. My best advice is to get rid of the word altogether! Instead of having it as a filler word, put a period at the end and start a new sentence. Example: “I love you.  I don’t like what you did.” This totally changes the emotions behind what is being said. Use positive language in everything you say.

EEnergized:  When you make your words positive, those words will energize you to begin the process toward change, toward transformation. We just looked at how our words have power. Our words can change relationships with ourselves and with others. Remember: what we say to ourselves (internal trash talk: “I can’t,” “what makes me think it will work this time,” etc.) is usually how we live our life. This always moves us in the direction of “not good enough” behaviors. Energize your words into positive ones. This one step will create change for the better.

AActions: We take action from a different perspective based upon the power of our words. Energize your words by making them positive: “why not” instead of “why”; “I choose” instead of “I can’t”; “I am” instead of “I want, hope, wish.” This allows you to take action steps with more confidence and assurance, rather than from a place of uncertainty, doubt and despair. Claim your power!

RResults: Your results become more attuned to the idea to “live like you were meant to.” When you make defined choices, your life flows with ease. There is less stress because you are choosing the results and not allowing circumstances to rule your life.

If you don’t like the results in your life, then go back to your choices. Your choices can change your life! 

This CLEAR process allows you to begin knowing yourself better so you can dive deep into what message you are giving to others as well as to yourself.  This is the beginning and there are more steps to creating clarity to have a concise message.

This is one aspect of what I coach my clients on … digging deep to discover your purpose – who you are & why you do what you do.

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