At Christmas time, one of my nephews gave me a picture of his college graduation day with a note on the back.



I have this sitting on my desk to give me inspiration each and every day.  It reminds me of those moments of being grateful in all times and expressing this gratitude to everyone that matters.  I carry this gratitude over into every coaching call that I am blessed to conduct, every phone call that I have, every moment I begin to feel the world of being a solopreneur.

A lost art …

Saying “thank you” in a hand written note is a lost art, I believe.  I know I don’t always do enough of it.  I mean how many of us take the time to literally write out our thanks beyond an putting that thanks in an email or a “like” on Facebook or a “congratulations” note on LinkedIn?

It is with the little things in life that have us pause and appreciate the life we have … giving thanks in every moment. 

Here’s an exercise for you …

Take the time to write a letter expressing your “thanks” to someone that has touched your heart and made your life better.  This will be challenging as I also want you to not only write it out … I also want you to mail it as in “snail” mail.

It will be worth the joy that you give to that person when he/she opens the mailbox to see a letter, holding it and reading & re-reading it time and time again … the long lost art of giving thanks and connecting beyond just a one-time event!

I want to hear from you …

Let me know if you did this as I would love to hear your thoughts on this endeavor … what did the other person say and how did it make you feel, etc.

Yes, I am off to write mine!  My plans are to make this my practice for the year … a hand-written letter each month.  I hope it will bring joy to the person I send the letter to as I know it will bring joy and happiness to me.