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In the room of Fear

Yes, there are many things to fear in the world at this time – the virus, the stock market, being shut off from the rest of the world (quarantine) and all this brings with it. I could list so many things to be feared at this time, yet, I’m not. There’s enough of that energy out there already.

What I do want to discuss is the energy that you are choosing to live in at this time and possibly have been living in.

Everything is energy … thoughts, emotions, behaviors, actions (click here to read more about this). As everything is energy, there is a choice about where you, as an individual, want to live within … the energy of change or energy of resistance.

For me, I’m choosing the energy of change. I am seeing this change as something that is much needed. I believe in the knowingness that it will all be OK.

For me, my belief in myself, others and a  higher power (whatever that means for you) is the energy I am choosing to reside in and to spread.

Many of us are fearing the change that is taking place in our life right now. Life is constantly changing and always has been. New discoveries are occurring daily. Some would say that technology is speeding toward us at an alarming rate. Young minds are screaming out for awareness into the change that is needed … to wake up and realize that change is not a bad word and not something that can be ignored.

Yes, change is a constant in life. With change, comes resistance most often showing up as fear. Fear that we’ll no longer get to live in the comfort of the life we’ve always known. Yet, once we embrace the changes that have occurred in our lives, we can’t seem to remember what it was like before any change happened. (This is only the case if we embrace and accept the changes).

As change is constant and everything is energy, let’s look at the energy of change and where you are living within this energy. Are you living in the energy of fear & resistance or are you living in the energy of accepting change and living differently?

If fear is the energy you find yourself in, allow yourself to open up to the possibility of moving out of fear. My simple process with this is to “Tame your Fear through ROAR”.  (click here to learn more)

Choosing to accept change unleashes within you a feeling of empowerment. You open up that beautiful curious mind of yours to think differently, to live differently, and to be a different person.

Collectively as we choose to live in the energy of accepting change, the change becomes easier. We become stronger as one together moving through the changes happening in life. Let’s embrace the acceptance of change together.

P.S. If you feel overwhelmed by this change, reach out and ask for help. Be open to receiving that help in the way that it comes to you. It may not be given in the way that you want it to be given and, yet, it can be exactly what is needed.

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