I have had this question asked many times since last week’s newsletter.  Here is one of these pictures so you can get a better view of it.IMG_2221

On my first day in Denver, I met two wonderful new friends, Dixie & Teri.  Off we went to grab a bite to eat on 16th Street Mall in Denver … similar to Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis where you can enjoy the shops and restaurants without the hassle of traffic.

The orange tops were in the middle of two streets.  When I saw them and saw what fun people were having on them, I was totally in. – I wanted to sit on one and spin!  Then my mind starting kicking in.  You know, that thought of “yes, I want to do that” to “no, we don’t’ have time, etc.”.  You’ve been there right?

Here is what I was experiencing …

  • I wanted to do it (even stated it out loud – claimed it)
  • Dixie & Teri encouraged me
  • There were none available so I started “backing out” … making excuses
  • Opportunity came – an orange top was empty
  • More encouragement came
  • I decided to go for it! Yes!
  • Once seated, I quickly found myself in the “backing out” thoughts and excuses of not putting myself fully in to the experience – taking that backward dive to get the top spinning! I mean I can just rock in this, right?
  • I made the decision to go all in and fully experience the spinning. Yes!

Has this ever happened to you?

You have a desire of what you want in your life … an adventure vacation like a dude ranch experience, implementing that business idea that you’ve always wanted, or maybe even getting on that internet dating site.  You want it so much you can almost taste it.  You get excited about having the experience and then … you talk yourself out of it.  You make excuses on why “whatever” is not right for you at this time.

This pattern of change happens to everyone.  Change is scary.  Change means you have to do something different from what you have been doing.  Your human nature is to automatically say “no”.  Then as you become comfortable with the possibility of the change, it becomes easier to say “yes”.  It is up to you on whether you “decide to change & go for it” or if you say “no to change & then wished you had”.

Now I am not one to shy away from change … been there, done that.  I have made many changes in my life and will continue to do so.  I have made some changes that I wished I hadn’t … and still I learned from even these less than stellar changes in my life.

To me, what is important is when you are making a change – moving out of your comfort zone – decide for it and commit to it fully.  The process of a decision allows you step into the change.  The process of commitment generates the change you decided for – you suddenly are in the “zone” where beautiful things occur.

If you are feeling the need to change and want that support to make it happen, talk to me.  I am an expert on transformation in business and life.  Say “yes” to you and the commitment to your change by sending me an email … denise@denisehansard.com.  I’d love to help you get there!