There have been movies made about it, people are always talking about it and you may even have your own … that infamous bucket list.  That list of experiences that you would like to have in this life.

For me, here are a few that I have checked off my list …
  1. Western style horseback riding – I have always loved horses and never really learned to ride.  Check … did that one!  And still love it.
  2. Travel abroad – my first time doing this was winning a trip to London!  What a great way to check this one off!
  3. Meeting anyone famous – never one to limit myself to one specific person … Liza Minelli in a bathroom, Wayne Rogers on the streets of New York, Bob Proctor at a hotel registration desk, and the list goes on.

These are just a few bucket list experiences that I have fulfilled.  There are many more still on my list and being added to my list all the time.

Here is what I know …

For one of these experiences to be checked off, I have to know what it is that I want to experience and I write it down.  I mean, what’s the need of checking things off a list if you don’t have the list written down.  You might forget something … as I do when I go to the grocery store without a list.  I always forget something.

What’s on your list?  Do you have it written down?

Think itInk itAct on itWriting something down is the key to making it happen.  It is about your vision of what you would love to have in your life … seeing, feeling and emotionally getting attached to this vision is what will create it for you.

As I always say … Think it, Ink it
and Act on it!  This will create the opportunities for you to have those bucket list experiences.


What’s next on my list …

Holding a small transformational retreat in Ireland 


Want to join me?