The heart & the head …

A bright, red heart and gray brain sit on opposite ends of a gray balance board. In one image, the heart outweighs the brain in the other, the brain outweighs the heart. Isolated on white.

“Once upon a time, there was a town where people came from their hearts … for them it was a land of possibilities.  A land where whatever your heart desired was yours.  Life was really great.  Everyone who lived here was filled with joy and love.  They laughed all day long and always had a smile upon their lips.  They came from love, from their hearts.

 Then one day, a stranger came to town.  This person was filled with thoughts, always analyzing every moment, every action, everything that was going on around this person.  All the town’s people reached out to this stranger with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.  The stranger shied away from everyone as the thought that came to his mind was “why would anyone want to welcome him into their life?”  He was thinking that no one should be that loving, that welcoming to a person that didn’t even know.  He was analytical and was always coming from his head first.

As time went by, the towns folk began to question why this stranger continued to be a stranger to them. They just couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t befriend them. They began thinking “what was wrong with them?”  Suddenly, the towns folk started questioning the joy and love they had in their life.  They switched from following their hearts to listening to the thoughts they had in their head!  They became head centered instead of heart centered.”

Now some of you are probably saying, “Denise, this is a fun story but what does it have to do me?”

I am here to tell you that somewhere in this fun story is you and how you are living your life. Do you come from your heart or do you come from your head?  And should one override the other? Or should they be a mix of each other?

Heart vs Head … what’s the difference?

Here’s the breakdown on each:

The head is full of information of what has happened in your life.  Those thoughts that have been housed inside of you from what your parents, teachers, friends, etc. have told you on how to live your life.  It is also filled with all the times you have been hurt, failed, rejected, abused, and on & on.  It is these negative thoughts that have become the reason why people think they have to analyze everything thus always coming from the head. Because you have been hurt, rejected, etc., you feel that if you don’t analyze things first, you will be hurt, rejected, etc. all the time.  The head moments you have seem logical and sometimes defeatist.

Your heart is the place where your deepest desires lie.  It is sometimes known as your intuition, your gut feeling, your inner voice.  The heart is the place where you “feel” the joy, the love, the warm fuzziness of each moment.  When coming from your heart, you exude a positive energetic glow about you that naturally draws people to you … sometimes literally from across the room.  People who come from the heart are the people that see the silver linings in any situation … hope is the imminent frame of reference for these people.  The heart moments you have is one of opportunity in every moment, loving everyone and everything.

Marry the heart and head together …

Is it better to come from the heart versus the head?  Why not come from both is my view on this?  Allowing the analytical part of your head to be intimated involved with the feelings in your heart is the key to the balance of living.  Your head wants to have a hand in what the heart is asking of you.  The heart is usually one step ahead of the head in knowing what it wants.  The heart acts on the subconscious (ego head part) to make sure you go where you want to go … or do or be.  The head will catch up and begin to fill in the gaps later pretending it planned this action all along.

Become aware of what the head is saying (the inner voices) along with what the heart is expressing (the gut feelings).  Marry the two together and hear the advice that is coming from both.  This one practice will allow life to work in favor of what you are asking to do in your life with a more balanced and fluid outcome.

The beauty of marriage within you!

Denise Hansard is a former corporate pricing expert turned motivational speaker & life coach with a Masters in counseling who has coached hundreds of women to make 6 figures, find the love of their life and get super healthy.  Author of the book Suffering in Comfort, she is an expert in transformation.