5 Signs – #2 Scarcity

Do you often have thoughts that you are lacking … in some area? Not enough money? Not enough time? Not enough love? This type of thought puts you into SCARCITY and keeps you stuck in your life.

As we continue in our conversation on being “stuck”, this week we will discuss the #2 sign that shows you are stuck!


If you are stuck in Scarcity, it looks like this:Scarcity

  • Regularly say “I can’t afford it” – stopping yourself from even simple pleasures
  • Money worries dominate subconscious thoughts – constant debt thoughts
  • “Not enough” thoughts – “I’ll never have enough money to …”
  • Always looking for free or cheapest solutions
  • Afraid to invest in YOU

Many believe that being in scarcity means you don’t have enough money. Yes, this is the number one thought when scarcity comes to mind … being in debt, worrying about where your next paycheck is going to come from, wondering how you can afford to even think about a vacation much less retirement!  That is what we will focus on in this discussion.

Here is the simple truth … everything is energy and everything is created twice. I spoke about this concept in my April 2nd blog … Wallace Wattles – the Science of Getting Rich (click here to read more).   This is true for money. Money is energy. Money is good for two things:

  1. To make your life comfortable – knowing money is there for all living needs including having savings for your next steps in life, and
  2. To support you in giving your gift to others – through your everyday work, volunteer efforts, contributions, etc.

When you recognize that money is energy that flows in and out of your life constantly, life becomes easier. Most of you can readily see when money is flowing out of your life. This is when you become concerned (and stuck) that money will not flow back in to your life as you begin to focus in on the money that is flowing out. You are not expecting it to flow back in as easily (or ever) as it flowed out. Been there, done that!

Here is a tool that you can use to gain back your life and get out of the Scarcity mode that is keeping you stuck.

Notice your thoughts about money.

What are your money beliefs? Do you believe that no matter what, you can always make money? Or that money flows easily into your life? Or do you believe that for you to have (make) money it takes “hard” work – work that you may not enjoy doing?

Only you can know what your thoughts are on this subject. If you are constantly saying you “don’t have enough”, then that is what you will have – never enough. Change your thoughts, which in turn can change your words (what you say to yourself and to others), which will begin to change the results you get.

Some of you are probably saying, “Yes, Denise, I have tried this before and it didn’t work for me or wasn’t consistent”. That is what I can help you with – teaching you the exact process on shifting your beliefs and your thoughts from “not enough” to “I am abundant”.   Don’t you want to learn to live in abundance … in money, in time, in every area of your life?

It is your choice! Take it now!