While I was visiting family over the 4th of July holiday, someone made a statement about my older sister. It was such a profound statement that I had to share it with you.

“There she goes again, getting her exercise in by jumping to conclusions.”

How often do you find yourself …

Jumping to conclusions
Running on empty
Swimming upstream
Walking on egg shells/thin ice

These phrases are your mental exercises. And there is magic in your words.

I have talked about how powerful your words are along with you making them the most positive ones you can. The words that you speak … to yourself and to others … become a part of you in the actions you take and the behaviors you exhibit.

I can hear you now … ‘but, Denise, how do I do this?’ Awareness of each and every word that is thought or said is the key. Along with stop being stuck in the how. When you become stuck in the how, it means you are really trying to decide on IF you can really do this … become aware, change your words to change your behavior … you get what I am saying.

The real question becomes … ‘am I ready to change?’ Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least try? I say you are and instead of just trying, go for it … full out … do an experiment for a day becoming aware of all the words and phrases you use. Are they limiting you or are they inspiring you? From this experiment, you can decide if you are willing to go further, to really make changes in who you are.

I am here to remind you that you have more in you than you think and to remind you of exactly what you can do, be or have. This is what I do in my coaching. One of my clients recently said:

“Investing in Denise’s coaching is by far the best money I’ve ever spent!”

If you are ready to invest in transforming your thoughts & behaviors, I am ready to invest in you.

Let’s talk.


Denise Hansard is a former corporate pricing expert turned motivational speaker & life coach with a Masters in counseling who has coached hundreds of women to make 6 figures, find the love of their life and get super healthy. Author of the book Suffering in Comfort, she is an expert in transformation.