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Unless you were hidden under a rock or maybe out of the country, you all saw or read that 2 inches of snow shut down a major city with that city being Atlanta!  I was there for that wonderful event.
I grew up outside of Atlanta and anticipated that when it snowed, it became a SNOW DAY!  Being a kid, I loved this.  Now as an adult experiencing just 2 inches of snow, I knew it was going to be an event to remember.
The thing that stood out for me was my flight home.  With the airport having been basically shut down for one day and then trying to catch up on the second day, I knew that it was going to be dicey for my flight home.  As the good prepared person that I am, I arrived at the airport at least 4 hours before my flight – a 10 pm flight back to Chicago.
I really wanted to get out of there as Chicago was predicting another snowstorm to hit them later the next day.  Sometimes even Chicago is not as prepared for the snow as people would think.  So, here I am in the airport waiting patiently on my flight along with the other hundreds of people trying to get home.  We were all quite calm and just enjoying the extra time for a meal with our favorite drink of choice.
When my flight was delayed from 10 pm until midnight (changed terminals and gates), I was ok with that.  Tired but ok.  Then when it was changed another time until 2:30 am (another terminal and another gate), I was really beginning to wonder what was going to happen.  I think this was the case for all the passengers embarking home on this flight.  One more thing happened – we were told that the plane was there and the crew was there except for the pilot.  Delta was unsure if the pilot coming out of Ohio would have enough flying hours left to get us all home.  We held our breath with each announcement made regarding the status of our trip home … to our own beds!
Woo Hoo!  The pilot made it and we all made it home at 4:00 am Friday morning!  This was great!  No one overtly complained, as we were all grateful to just get home.  Thank you, Delta!
What was really surprising was the email I received from Delta saying how sorry they were for the delay and to help me with the angst I went through on this massively delayed (my words) flight; I was to receive 2,500 miles toward my account.  WOW!
That became the shocking response!  I was convinced that there was no customer service left in this day and time, especially when it was a weather related event.  I am happy to say, I was wrong.
Delta is now my favorite airline and will be for a while!  Thank you!
In your business, how are you treating your clients or potential clients?  It can make a difference!

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