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no more Excuses!

“I’m going to give you a warning this time, Ma’am. Please be careful and thank you for not making excuses.”

These were the words the police officer said to me after he pulled me over for a minor traffic violation, given him my license & insurance card, and waited to see what my fate was going to be.

Did I have excuses running through my head when he walked up to my window to tell me that I had made an illegal right turn at a red light with him right behind me? Yes, I did …

“I thought it was ok to turn right on red after a full stop”

“I wouldn’t have done it if I had realized you were right behind me”

“I am trying to get home to take a meeting in 15 minutes”

Yes, I could have started with any and all of these excuses. Yet, when he walked up to tell me my offense, I just repeated what he said (right on red) with a small smile on my lips and a slight shrug of my shoulders (having just verified I did just what he said I did) and handed  him my info.

I could tell that this officer has had many people trying to ‘talk’ their way out of being pulled over for something they didn’t want to be caught having done or to take full responsibility for their actions.

In today’s world, not taking responsibility for what could be considered ‘minor offenses’ seems to have become the norm or so it seems. What I know is that minor offenses turn into major offenses. The difference of not taking responsibility in the little things in life is a slippery slope.

Where are you not taking responsibility?

You tell yourself the night before your head hits the pillow that tomorrow is the day you start that exercise routine. When morning comes, the snooze button is your best friend.

“I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’ll exercise later today. Just a few more minutes.”

 You say that you will definitely leave work today by 5:30 pm … no later than 6 pm. Only to find yourself once again at your desk at 6 pm.

“Just one more email and I’ll be out of here.”

You pick up the phone to follow up with all those people you met yesterday at an event who are interested in working with you then decide that now is not the right time.

        “They’re probably busy. I’ll send them an email instead.”

All these excuses are keeping you stuck in a mindset of ‘will it really work this time?”, which means that you have some concept that you are not enough to put you as a priority in your life. Think into this statement. Ask yourself one question … Is this true?

It’s time to step away from the excuses you have allowed to slip into your life, fully step up, and take responsibility to make different choices.

AS I was watching the police officer walk up to my window, I allowed myself to be fully responsible … shutting down that egoic fear-based voice inside my head telling me to ‘think quick/get out of this’. I am sure that by not making excuses to the police officer, he allowed me to have a do-over. Yippee!!!!

If you are looking to let go of your ego fear-based mindset of ‘not enough’ and get those do-overs, let’s have a chat.  Book that call here.

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