This is the time of year that reminds me of being a child dressing in a costume with a mask that totally kept me hidden from being who I really was. The costume I remember the most was being Cinderella. Wearing the mask of Cinderella changed me. I walked with my head held higher. I slowed down and took dainty steps. That’s saying a lot being the tomboy I was running through life. I become that princess and owned every bit of it … behind the mask.

Halloween is an ancient Celtic holiday where people believed they needed masks to protect themselves from bad spirits that roamed the earth on all Hallows Eve. Interestingly enough most of you are still wearing a mask today. It is a mask of emotional fear … being vulnerable and real on a daily basis. The mask of insecurity hiding behind your work afraid to deal with what could be going on at home. The mask of not being loved spewing anger and frustrations to everyone you meet. The mask of being ‘ok’ when deep down inside you are tired and exhausted as you are the person everyone goes to for advice, help and guidance. When do you get to take off the mask and just be you?

One of the most common masks worn today is the Imposter Syndrome mask. You know that one where you are afraid that everyone is going to find out that you are a fraud? That you are faking life, you don’t really belong, and you’re not successful at your career … it’s just the mask you put on hoping no one will find out it is you behind that mask of insecurity, doubt and exhaustion.

What mask did I wear?

One of the things I hear from people is how they admire me being out ‘there in front of the camera, on stage,  doing the things I do, taking the risks I take, going for my dreams. Trust me, it has taken me many years of growth to get to this point of being my true self, allowing others in enough to see me … a seeker, an intuitive, heartfelt person, having doubts and fear … I could go on. That is what you are really afraid of … showing who you really are in this world. When I was in the corporate world, my compassion was frowned upon. I was criticized for caring too much for the group I was supporting. An area of improvement for me was to not put so much of myself into the projects I led. Needless to say, I didn’t thrive in this type of environment. My mask of being ‘corporate’ become overwhelming. It was not me and I was dying a slow death of nothingness.

Why is it important to be you without the mask?

You have a gift to give to this world. It is important to be the best you that you can be so you can give that gift. I want you to bring your ‘A’ game to your life. That means being the real you. Owning your beauty in all its wonderful colors. When you give up the mask, a sense of relief comes as it is exhausting to fake it all the time. It is also healing as you are giving yourself the opportunity to choose you coming from the inside out.

“The greatest battle we face as human beings is the battle to protect our true selves from the self the world wants us to become.”  
~ E. E. Cummings

Are you ready to get rid of your mask? If you are, take the baby steps to make that happen. Being you is the greatest way to be. Reach out for help with this as you are not alone. I can help you with this … clarifying who you are, guiding you through every step and holding you accountable for your success. Let’s remove your mask together … I am here for you.


Denise Hansard is a former corporate pricing expert turned motivational speaker & life coach with a Masters in counseling who has coached hundreds of women to make 6 figures, find the love of their life and get super healthy. Author of the book Suffering in Comfort, she is an expert in transformation.