Going with the Flow

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Going with the Flow

Your ego identifies with the problem. Bold statement which says so much. When you look at your life and the current situation you are in … continuously being overlooked for new positions or constantly being told ‘not right now’ to work with you … do you view your situation from a fear state of mind or a flow state of mind.

Residing within the fear state of mind allows your ego to hit the protection button in your life. The voice inside that tells you ‘next time, it will happen for me’ or ‘this just wasn’t the right position to get’ or ‘the ideal client to work with’. This is the ego voice (literally the safety mechanism to ward off hurt, rejection, and disappointment).

Residing within the flow state of mind quiets the ego allowing you to sit with your feelings of hurt, rejection, and disappointment; to dive into these feelings to learn the process of letting go; giving yourself permission to move forward into the next best thing for you.

Let’s look at how to implement FLOW into your life …

F … forgiveness. The ability to forgive yourself for whatever role you pretend you have played into the outcome you are receiving. The forgiveness of not staying stuck in the pain created holding you back from trying again.

L … letting go. Letting go of the story you have within that you have lived with for so long that it feels as if it is YOU! This story (usually one of ‘not enough’) is a choice … you can keep living in the discomfort of your comfort zone or you can let go declaring through your voice and behaviors that it is ‘no longer YOU’.

O … owning it. Making a decision that once you have let go of that feeling, story, critical voice, etc.  that you own it all. Not just pieces of it … all of it! This means deciding to change.

W … worth. This is the biggest part of the flow process … deciding what your worth is … your value to the career you are in, your relevancy within the family, your uniqueness in the gifts you bring to your clients.

The truth is that you can’t allow the limiting beliefs of the ego to dictate your life … your career, your business, your relationships, your health. Remember the first statement … your Ego identifies with the problem. The problem is your state of mind … fear or flow. It’s up to you to FLOW.

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